Payza Leads The Way With Bitcoin Integration

Today most people are familiar with Bitcoins or some other form of virtual currency. Bitcoins especially have been in the news in recent times due the unprecedented increase in their value. Bitcoins have been around for a long time but their popularity has grown in the past few years. Merchants across the world now support payments in digital currencies. Bitcoins are stored in a Bitcoin wallet and are traded on a Bitcoin exchange. As with all virtual currencies, bitcoins do not depend on any central regularization authority or banking system. Bitcoins are a form of cryptocurrency and they function on a decentralized peer to peer network using blockchain technology. As they use encryption techniques, they are not easy to counterfeit which makes them all the more attractive to users of digital currency.

Popular online payment processing platform Payza is one of the first online platforms to provide complete support for Bitcoins. Payza merchants can store Bitcoins in their accounts instead of having to convert them into a fiat currency. Members can buy and sell their Bitcoins using Payza. Payza wallets can hold regular currency as well as Bitcoins and members can easily convert funds into Bitcoins and vice versa.

Cryptocurrency Address Manager

Payza has announced its latest cryptocurrency feature called Cryptocurrency Address Manager. This new feature allows Payza members to generate and manage cryptocurrency addresses within their Payza accounts.

With the new feature Payza members will be able to generate their own bitcoin address and the QR code for their Payza Account. They can easily receive bitcoins from other bitcoin wallets. The service is free and users are not charged to receive bitcoins using this method.

How To Exchange Bitcoin To And From The Fiat Currency

Payza users can hold bitcoin balances and freely convert funds between bitcoins and other fiat currencies supported by the platform.

The Exchange currencies feature is Payza can be used to exchange Bitcoins. Similarly, users can transfer funds using Bitcoins. The Transfer feature can be used to convert bitcoins into fiat currency and vice versa. One of Payza’s key strengths is that it has a simple and easy to use interface. Most functionality is intuitive and can be performed with a few clicks.

Users can send bitcoins to other Payza members instantly from within their Payza accounts. Bitcoins is listed as one of the currency options in Payza. When sending funds, users can choose if they would like the recipient to pay the fees or they will pay the receiving fees. All these features make Payza a very flexible and adaptable platform for different user needs.

Bitcoin Wallet Transfers

Payza users can also transfer bitcoins between their Payza e-wallet and other bitcoin wallets. They can easily add and withdraw bitcoins from their Payza accounts using the Deposit and Withdraw features. These updates make Payza one of the best Bitcoin services payment platform in the market today. Payza also has a resolution center, where in Payza personnel are available to resolve any issues that might arise between buyers and sellers dealing in Bitcoins.