About Firoz Patel

Firoz PatelFiroz Patel is the Executive Vice President of globally recognized online payment processing service, Payza. In this role, Firoz draws on nearly 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur to manage Payza’s strategic relationships, economic growth and creation of company culture. For more than a decade, Firoz Patel has dedicated his career to building reliable, secure, and streamlined solutions for the payment platform needs of both individuals and companies. Firoz’s primary focus in driving financial growth is exploring ways to expand product reach and increase revenues in innovative ways. Firoz acts as the primary link connecting boards, executive teams and stakeholders.

Early signs of a budding entrepreneur

Firoz Patel started his education in technology and entrepreneurship at a very early age. Growing up just outside of Montreal, Firoz credits his family as being a major influence in cultivating his interest in running a business. After moving to Canada from India, Firoz’s father opened up an Indian grocery store. His mother did piecework for garment companies while raising her children. Firoz worked at his father’s store from an early age getting to see firsthand the types of skills necessary to run a business, as well as the level of dedication.

Firoz’s father always pushed his son to search for solutions to different problems. Mr. Patel senior believed that Firoz had the resourcefulness necessary to solve any challenge that came his way. This lesson, coupled with his parents’ commitment to hard-work, left an enormous impression on Firoz and completely shaped his business philosophy as an adult.

At 17, Firoz Patel was ready to embark on his own business venture. Firoz opened a novelty shop selling books, t-shirts, comics and other hobby items. It was at this time that Firoz deployed all that he had learned through working for his father for so many years. The store had a successful run and by age 25, Firoz was ready to take on a new challenge.

A computer whiz kid

Firoz Patel’s parents knew the inherent value of a good education and saw computers as a worthwhile investment towards building a strong educational base for their children even while the technology was in its infancy. Because of this, the Patel home was never without a personal computer. At home and at school, Firoz was fascinated by the seemingly infinite number of ways that people could use computers. He loved spending time learning basic programming skills. Although programming came easier to Firoz than most, it is still a constant challenge that has kept him interested even today.

Alert Pay

In 2004, Firoz Patel launched AlertPay, Inc. Under his expert direction, AlertPay grew to become an internationally recognized leader in the industry of online payment processing platforms.

As the Founder and CEO of AlertPay, Firoz Patel seamlessly blended his love of technology and solution-oriented disposition with a natural aptitude for leadership. During the exponential growth of AlertPay, Firoz contributed his vision for the company while overseeing all aspects of operations.

In 2012, Firoz Patel deftly negotiated the acquisition of AlertPay’s strategic assets by world-renowned payment processing provider, MH Pillars. Following this acquisition, MH Pillars actively recruited Firoz Patel to oversee the launch of the new Payza platform, ensuring a seamless transition.

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